Decanter Centrifuge Systems

Centrisys CNP

Decanter Centrifuges Engineered to Exceed Customer Expectations – Not Just Meet Them.

Customer-driven decanter centrifuge technology has been at the core of Centrisys since the beginning. This value-added approach to centrifuge design gives the upper hand to understand why most sludge dewatering and thickening processes are best served using different combinations of decanter design features. It’s the decades of experience servicing all brands of decanter centrifuges, along with our broad range of Centrisys centrifuge designs from standard, semi-standard to fully customized decanter centrifuge systems that set us apart in the industry today. 

Dewatering Centrifuge CS Series

The Centrisys Decanter Centrifuge Standard. Delivers the lowest cost of ownership – Reduced energy consumption – Maximum uptime.

Sludge Thickener THK Series

The most innovative solution to thicken all types of sludge. No polymer performance.

Dewatering Screw Press SP Series

Combines a longer screen design and dual filtrate zones for dryer cake, cleaner centrate, and maximum water drainage.

Scroll Screen Centrifuge
(Vertical Cuttings Dryer)

A vertical scroll screen centrifuge designed to recover base fluids and reduce hydrocarbons from drill cuttings.