Explosion Proof for Non-Residential Application

Explosion proof Pumps in D-Series Tanks

E/One offers its Explosionproof pumps for duplex, wetwell/drywell grinder pump stations. Only the pumps are rated as explosionproof, not the entire station.

Model DX152 ›
2 pumps | PE tank | 150 gal capacity | 3000 GPD
Model DX272 ›
2 pumps | FRP tank | 275 gal capacity | 5000 GPD
Model DX502 ›
2 pumps | FRP tank | 500 gal capacity | 6000 GPD

Explosion proof Pump for Open Wetwell Tanks

E/One’s explosionproof grinder pump is available in a drop-in design for open wetwell tanks.

Panels for Stations with Explosion proof Grinder Pumps

Select alarm panels are available for use with WX and DX grinder pump stations.