IXOM Watercare

The Best THM Removal System On The Market

GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems are designed to provide maximum benefit most anywhere in the tank or along the line.  This equipment has received many, many positive reviews and is recommended for use by many large & small engineering firms across the United States.  

Trihalomethane reduction models are built through continuous factory testing and constant customer feedback with existing equipment in the field.   

Effective & energy efficient spray volatilization takes into account proper hydraulic design for optimum results and no energy is wasted with head and friction loss.  Equipment can be uninstalled, moved, and re-installed to adapt to your system needs.  Headspace ventilation included & supplemental mixing is available as needed.

Performance Guaranteed.

  • Maintain Stage 2 DBPR Compliance
  • Minimize downstream THM formation
  • Energy efficient clog-free design
  • System size & energy requirements based the customer
  • Only 18” tank opening required for installation
  • Portable. No major infrastructure changes required