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HUBER Coanda Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 C

Huber Technology Waste Water Solutions

Complete mechanical wastewater treatment for small sewage treatment plants

  • Wastewater fine screening
  • Grit separation
  • Grit classification

A container-mounted ROTAMAT® Micro Strainer removes solid material from the wastewater depending on its bar spacing (e.g. e = 2 mm). Screenings are removed and transported by a screw conveyor. Inside the closed rising pipe, screenings are dewatered and compacted by an integrated press. Subsequently, they are discharged into a container.

The cleaned wastewater flows by gravity into a Coanda circular grit trap. As the Coanda Tulip is fed through a vortex chamber, the wastewater flow gets tangential in addition to a radial flow direction. Air is sucked into the vortex and mixed with the wastewater flow.

The combination of three effects, namely the Coanda effect, the tea-cup effect and the air intake, guarantee that the organic components are kept on the surface and discharged over a weir while the grit settles in the lower trough area. The separated grit is removed through a classifying screw, statically dewatered and discharged into a container.


  • Complete mechanical pre-treatment by the combination of fine screen, circular grit trap and grit classifier in one compact, encased unit
  • Integrated dewatering and compaction of the screenings; option of screenings washing
  • Max. throughput 40 l/s
  • Fully automatic control
  • Completely made of stainless steel, pickled in an acid bath
  • Small space requirement
  • Option of frost-proof design down to – 25°C