HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax®

Sturdy screen for coarse material separation

  • High-capacity screen rakes
  • High operational safety due to efficient and reliable bar rack cleaning
  • Reliable removal of even bulky coarse material

The HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax® is optimally suitable for pumping stations, as first cleaning stage in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants, and in the inlet to power plants. It removes coarse and bulky material and therefore protects downstream systems.

The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to different requirements and remove even heavy objects and bulky material. As the cleaning rakes can be variably adapted, removal capacity is then adjustable. The benefit of high cleaning efficiency is especially favourable for high solids loads.

The installation height of the TrashMax® above ground level is very small and only dependent, even in case of deep channels, on the installation height of screenings transport or disposal units.

The lower part of the TrashMax® consists in the steep conveying section followed by the upper part, the flat discharge section with a small inclination. This screen design guarantees the reliable discharge of screenings into a downstream transport or disposal system.


Trashmax Brochure