HUBER Screenings Compactor Ro7

Transport and compaction of screenings and other waste materials

HUBER Screenings Compactors are used for the compaction, dewatering, and volume reduction of screenings and a large variety of waste materials. At the same time they serve as screw conveyors.

The screenings enter the machine through an inlet hopper. Subsequently they are transported, dewatered, compacted, and discharged. The Ro7 is fully enclosed thus preventing emission of gas and vapor and eliminating odor nuisance. HUBER’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process permits exact tolerances, thus reducing wear and tear, power consumption and operating costs. The HUBER Screenings Compactor Ro7 offers an exceptional value for the transport and dewatering of screenings.

The Ro7 features a shafted stainless steel screw which greatly improves operational reliability. The Screenings Compactor is available in various sizes to accommodate individual requirements. The standard machine length is 6 m (6 m), but shorter and longer versions are readily available and can be customized to individual needs. An optional heated and insulated version offers frost protection as low as -25° C.

HUBER Screenings Compactors are entirely manufactured from stainless steel and passivated by complete immersion in a pickling bath.


  • Conveying and compaction in a single compact unit with a single drive
  • Weight and volume reduction by about 50 %
  • No odor nuisance, especially where a bagger is provided
  • Sturdy design with a shafted, stainless steel screw
  • Maintenance-free lower bearing
  • Optional frost-protection for outdoor installation
  • Made of stainless steel, pickled in an acid bath for perfect finishing and corrosion protection