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Pressure Sewer

Morrow Water Technologies is proud to offer E/One pressure sewer systems. Each system stores, grinds, and pumps wastewater under pressure to a location, such as central sewer or treatment site. Because the system doesn’t rely on gravity alone, the pressurized output can be transported horizontally two or more miles and or elevation changes of over 185 feet vertically.


These systems are known industry-wide for being long-lasting and durable pumps. The E/One systems are constructed to have enhanced pump controls, high-pressure performance, water-tight level control systems, and all stainless steel hardware.



Locations shouldn’t limit your development, which is why the E/One system is a great solution for different terrains. Whether it’s coastal areas, rugged mountains, or remote flatlands, this type of pump can be utilized in almost any location. 


The E/One system is designed to do its job perfectly, which makes it the most valuable choice for engineers, municipalities, builders, developers, or anyone just looking for an efficient pump. Since it provides all-in-one wastewater storage, grinding, and pumping, it lowers the cost of operation and waste collection, along with reducing maintenance. The E/One system includes a progressive cavity pump, air-cooled motor, large-diameter grinding mechanisms, and integral check valves.


Because the E/One system has a unique core design, it eliminates the need for pump servicing and in-field troubleshooting. Permanently lubricated ball bearings mean no more oil changes, the near constant discharge rate doesn’t require main line flushing, and the pump has corrosion resistance.