Contract Operations

Morrow Water offers contract services including the 24/7 operation of a 12 mgpd water treatment plant on the Coosa River.

Since 1993, Morrow Water Technologies has been running contract operations at the Talladega/Shelby County Water Treatment Plant near Childersburg, AL. We currently operate the plant with a diverse team of grade IV operators, maintenance assistants, a grade IV site manager and an administrative assistant. The plant is operated 24 hours per day and seven days a week, just like it has been running for the last 25 years that Morrow Water Technologies has been in charge.

Morrow Water Technologies provides cost-efficient, effective, and uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the Talladega/Shelby Water Treatment Plant. This includes treating the water provided to the counties to meet State and Federal drinking water standards in all respects. Our highly-trained team is dedicated to treating and providing the safest, cleanest and best-tasting water possible. Our basic operational duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Chemically and mechanically treating water pumped from the Coosa River
  • Pumping potable water to the Counties and maintenance of storage tank levels
  • Properly treat and discharge all process drainage in accordance with NPDES permit
  • Produce and provide records of plant operation to verify proper operation
  • Operate the plant in accordance with ADEM regulations
  • Perform sampling, testing, and analysis as required
  • Receive, handle, store, manage, and protect all chemicals, fuel, and supplies for uninterrupted operation of the plant.
  • Perform and document preventative maintenance in accordance with recommendations
  • Provide routine building and grounds maintenance
  • Provide basic security activities