Drilling Services

At Morrow Water Technologies, we offer several drilling and well-specific services that may be the right fit for your business.

Water Well Drilling

Morrow Water Technologies provides water well drilling. Our unique rig makes it one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods of drilling. Learn more about the process on our Water Well Drilling page.

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Well Rehabilitation

Our dedicated staff provides rehabilitation services for damaged municipal water wells. We have decades of experience working with municipal wells of all sizes and depths, so we’re ready to take on any task.

Video Well Surveying

We have a team of skilled operators to offer borehole inspection services. Some options include checking existing well conditions, pinpointing specific issues, verifying depth measurements, and aiding in “fishing” jobs.

Morrow Water Technologies’ service is provided using a CCV model BT9600 dual-viewing color camera system. This unit provides downhole straight and sidewall viewing video and images of the borehole and well casing to depths of 2,400 feet.

Core Drilling

Our core drilling service is a useful solution for the mining and mineral extraction industries. It is an efficient and accurate way to drill through a wide variety of materials.