Vortisand® Industrial Filtration System

The Vortisand® Industrial system filter is designed for non-commercial cooling applications, pre-membrane/RO and process water

  • Submicron filtration – removing the fine particles responsible for fouling cooling systems helps to keep cooling equipment operation at peak efficiency.
  • Up to 75% smaller and lighter than traditional multimedia filters. Low cost of operation – 50% less water consumption due to low backwash flux rates.
  • ​Reduce fouling, scaling & biofouling in cooling loops. Significant energy savings is achieved in heat transfer applications.


The Vortisand® system provides a range of filters ideal for industrial process and membrane pretreatment applications.

The award-winning Vortisand filter is a high capacity media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration performance. This technology allows the unit to operate at filtration rates of up to 5 times greater than traditional media filters, while filtering 10-50 times finer.

Product Overview


  1. High flux rate operation up to 25 gpm/ft2
  2. Automated operation with self backwashing capability
  3. Simplified pump skid design
  4. Enhanced safety features including ASME certified vessels and pressure relief system
  5. STRATATM HDX Media allows for submicron filtration performance
  6. PLC based system allows for simple, intuitive controls for easier operation and troubleshooting
  7. Dedicated enclosures for high and low voltage
    electronics to improve safety during operations


  • S300 – 350 gpm
  • D300 – 700 gpm
  • S600 – 600 gpm
  • D600 – 1200 gpm
  • S1200 – 1090 gpm
  • D1200 – 2180 gpm