About Aquastore

Aquastore is the leader in storage tanks for water, wastewater and landfill leachate. Because of its proven glass-fused-to-steel technology, modular construction and expansion capability, it provides greater lifetime value than any other tank on the market.

Features and Benefits

Aquastore tanks:

  • Requires minimal maintenance and life cycle cost
  • Never needs painting, therefore allowing for other capital investment
  • Inherently corrosion resistant
  • Can be expanded to fit future needs
  • Is available in a variety of tank designs, with many options and accessories to meet your needs
  • Is erected from the top down, for fast construction that doesn’t require cranes or other large construction equipment
  • Can be erected in remote, secluded locations
  • Holds up against both hot and cold climates
  • Is backed by one of the most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties in the industry

Material Info

Aquastore’s glass-fused-to-steel is the premium technology for bolted municipal and industrial storage tanks.

The silica glass coating applied in the factory on Aquastore tanks forms an inert barrier for both the interior and exterior tank surfaces. The coating bonds to the steel both mechanically and chemically. Glass-fused-to-steel is twice as hard (6.0-7.0 Mohs) as any field-applied coating system. It is impermeable to liquids and gases, controls undercutting caused by corrosion and provides excellent resistance against impact and abrasion.


  • Potable water
  • Process water
  • Raw water
  • Leachate
  • Wastewater
  • Fire protection