Cuttings Dryer CD Series

Recover Base Fluids and Reduce Hydrocarbons

The Centrisys CD2600 is a VCD designed to recover base fluids and reduce hydrocarbons from drill cuttings. Operation is based on centrifugal force, enabling a high performance and efficient process. The CD2600 is designed for oil based drill cuttings management where operators are concerned about drilling fluid losses and the environmental impact of oily cuttings. Based on feedstock, liquid content can go below 4%.

The CD2600 operates with a manual NEMA 7X Class 1-DIV 1 explosion proof starter. VFD controllers are customizable, based on process specifications. Electrical control systems are designed with the following:

  • Class 1/DIV 1 panel enclosure
  • Start-up control panel
  • Soft start with by-pass
  • Mount frame with certified lift lugs
  • (1) 25’ input cable (#2, 4C)
  • (1) 25’ output cable (#2, 4C)
  • (4) 25’ output cable (#14, 4C)