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E/One Extender

The E/One Extender provides a quick and easy way to add 6 inches of height to an already-installed E/One grinder pump station.

If a grinder pump station has been installed too low into the ground — where the lid sits directly on the grass, or slightly beneath the grass — the station will be prone to infiltration. The vent may also be blocked, which could interfere with proper pump operation.

The solution? The E/One Extender. The pre-engineered E/One Extender provides protection and meets warranty requirements for most Extreme and 2000 Series grinder pump stations.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides 6 inches of station height at a low cost
  • Easy to bolt on in the field
  • Gasket and mounting hardware pre-installed
  • Uses the existing accessway cover
  • Made from the same high-impact and UV-resistant material (HDPE) as the shroud and lid