Grinder Pump Stations

D-Series: Grinder Pump Stations with a Dry Accessway

The D-Series is E/One’s most popular line of grinder pump stations. The tank design features a dry accessway; pumps are mounted on a transition that separates the wetwell of the tank from the accessway. A range of station heights is available to accommodate shallow to very deep burial requirements for cold climates. Simplex and duplex grinder pump stations are available. Capacities range from 70 to 500 gallons, depending on the model.

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W-Series: Open Wetwell Grinder Pump Stations

The W-Series is E/One’s most flexible line of grinder pump stations. W-Series stations are open-wetwell tanks with the pump(s) on a stand and tanks available in PE or fiberglass. Simplex, duplex, triplex (3 pumps) and quadplex (4 pumps) stations are available.

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WH101 | WH101F | WH231 | WH471 | WH472 | WH482 | WH483 | WH484 | W-Series Fiberglass

Gatorgrinder: Fiberglass, Open-Wetwell Tank

The Gatorgrinder is an economical simplex grinder pump station. Its fiberglass tank allows for a variable height for the inlet. Several tank heights are available to accommodate capacity and site requirements.

Gatorgrinder ›
1 pump | Fiberglass tank | Various diameters/depths available

Indoor Station: Designed for In-Home Installation

E/One’s IH091 simplex grinder pump station is designed for indoor installation in the basement or mechanical room of the home.

IH091 ›
1 pump | PE | 91 gal capacity

Replacement Grinder Pump 

E/One’s Upgrade pump is designed for installed grinder pump stations where only the pump needs to be replaced. Replace failing 2 hp centrifugal grinder pumps or other SPD pumps.

Upgrade Replacement Grinder Pump ›
Installs into an existing tank