HUBER Integrated Screenings Washing System IRGA

  • Increased dewatering performance of up to 40 % DS
  • Volume, weight and disposal cost reduction by up to 70 %
  • Easy retrofit

All HUBER ROTAMAT® screens can be equipped with the IRGA system that washes the screenings within the screen basket to remove virtually all faeces. The screenings press integrated in the ROTAMAT® screen’s rising pipe dewaters the screenings to up to 40 % DR. Wastewater from the channel or process water can be used as wash water. The press liquor returns to the channel.


  • less odor annoyance
  • reduction of volume and weight due to the wash-out of up to 95% of the feces, resulting in greatly reduced disposal costs
  • increased dewatering efficiency, consequently also a higher thermal value in case the screenings are incinerated
  • return of the feces into the biological degradation stage of the purification process
  • functional construction, as the screenings washing is integrated together with the screenings press in the ROTAMAT® plant.
  • easy subsequent installation

The design of the ROTAMAT® plant enables modifications to be made later, i. e. the plant can be suited to requirements which may arise after some time. Thus the integrated screenings washing can be installed later.

  • best quality for low price
  • use of service water is possible, that means no use of fresh water