HUBER Longitudinal Grit Trap ROTAMAT® Ro6

Longitudinal grit trap with grit removal screw

  • Designed in accordance with international standards
  • Available with or without aeration
  • Optional separate grease chamber with automatic grease removal
  • Manufactured entirely in stainless steel
Grit separation

The grit trap design and dimensioning are fully compliant with international standards. The ROTAMAT® Ro6 is available as an aerated or unaerated unit. The decision on when to use the aerated or unaerated option is for example the specific ratio between the storm and dry weather flow and if any further grit treatment facilities are installed or planned.

Grit removal

The horizontal grit conveyor transports the separated grit particles to the inclined grit removal screw installed within the grit trap. The inclined screw dewaters and discharges the compacted material into a container or a subsequent optional HUBER RoSF4 T Grit Washer.

Grease separation and removal

Separation of fats and grease is only available when used with aerated grit channels. The grease is collected in a separate chamber with the partition between the grit trap chamber and grease chamber consisting of a slotted scum board. The flow generated within the grit trap chamber by the aeration system transports the grease through the slotted scum board into the grease chamber.


  • Separation efficiency at Qmax: 90 % capture rate of grit particle size 0.20 – 0.25 mm
  • Grit trap design in accordance with international standards
  • Throughput capacity up to 300 l/s
  • Optional grit trap aeration to improve removed grit quality
  • Optional separate grease chamber with semiautomatic grease removal
  • Dewatering of grease along with the screenings
  • Integrated grit washing
  • Optional frost protection
  • Above ground or underground installation possible
  • Manufactured entirely of stainless steel (including the classifying screw)