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HUBER Membrane Screen ROTAMAT® RoMem

Huber Technology Waste Water Solutions

Ultra fine screen with square mesh and excellent solids separation results

  • Removal of fibrous material and hairs
  • Increased operational stability of membrane bioreactors (hollow fiber and plate module systems)
  • Significant COD/BOD reduction in river and sea outfalls

The ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen is used for screening of municipal and industrial wastewater and for separation of fibres and hairs. The screen can be installed either directly into a channel or a separate tank.

For the new type of membrane bioreactors that have recently been put on the market the efficiency of conventional screens with typical bar spacings and perforations of 3-10 mm is no longer sufficient.

The user’s benefits

  • Screening with a defined separation size provided by the square mesh
  • Removal of hairs, fibres and fine suspended material
  • Increased operational stability of subsequent membrane bioreactors
  • Fine screening of large wastewater volumes in a gravity line without the need for lifting the wastewater; low headloss
  • Extensive reduction of COD/BOD in river and sea outfall applications
  • High efficiency through combination of screening, (washing if required), compaction, transport, dewatering and discharge of screenings in one compact unit
  • Ideal for installation in existing channels
  • Periodic high-pressure washing at 120 bar (twice a day) eliminates sedimentation on the screen basket.
  • An especially designed sealing between the channel and screen basket prevents unscreened wastewater from passing through the screen basket.