HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® CF

High screenings capture rate in a very narrow space

  • No submerged bearings, sprockets, or regular wear items
  • Designed to maximize capture rate
  • Suitable for coarse and fine screen applications
  • Vertical installation reduces overall footprint

This innovative CF variant of the well-proven RakeMax® screen is perfectly suited to serve both municipal or industrial wastewater, and process water screening.

The HUBER RakeMax® CF consists of a U-shaped stationary bar rack installed between the two screen frames, which sit parallel to the flow direction of the wastewater.

As the wastewater flows into the open front side of the screen and out through both the left and right frames, solids are retained on the inner surface of the U-shaped bar rack.

The solids retained on the bars lead to gradual blinding of the surface, creating a water level difference in the channel. When a defined water level is reached upstream of the screen, the screen bar cleaning begins.

The RakeMax® CF cleaning elements are attached to a chain system. The number of screening elements attached to the chain system is variable and adjusted to individual requirements.

At the end of the bar rack cleaning cycle the rake itself cleaned by a pivoted comb that reliably discharges the removed screenings into a downstream transport or disposal unit.

In the event the screening operation is blocked, an electric control reliably protects the screen against damage caused by overload. This easily accessed drive unit sits above the channel.

To ensure flexibility in a variety of spaces, the RakeMax® CF has a very low discharge height. Even with very deep channels, discharge height is only dependent on the installation height of the downstream screenings transport or washing system.

The RakeMax® CF covers a very wide range of applications because of its different design options.Having a wide range of options allows us to respond to the needs of individual customers as well as site-specific constructional and hydraulic conditions. Screen sizes may vary from a channel width from 3 – 10 ft, a discharge height above channel floor up to 72 ft and bar spacings from 5/32 – 2 in.