HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax® HF (high flow)

Reliable, sturdy travelling screen

  • Very high screenings discharge capacity
  • Low headloss
  • Low installation height above ground level even in deep channels
  • Control-independent safety system

The RakeMax® HF is a L-shaped multi-rake bar screen and like the RakeMax® screen belongs to the MAX family of HUBER screens. This screen has a flat and therefore hydraulically advantageous bottom section that transitions into a steep conveying section. This combines the benefits of the well proven RakeMax®, reliable solids separation and high screenings discharge capacity, with a low headloss due to a big effective screen rake surface.

Material removal from the screen starts right at the bar rack mounted flat to the channel bottom so that any accumulation of disturbing material is eliminated. The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to different requirements. This is especially favourable for high solids loads. Depending on the bar spacing, the bar rack design is either a flow-optimising bar or non-blocking wedge wire profile. Both ends of the cleaning elements are connected to drive chains. Each chain is driven by a sprocket on a common shaft and a flange mounted gear motor.

At the end of the bar rack cleaning cycle the cleaning elements are positively cleaned by a pivoted comb which reliably discharges the removed screenings into a downstream transport or disposal unit. The easy to access and maintain drive unit is installed above the channel. Due to the screen’s compact design its height above floor is very low.