HUBER Multi-Rake Bar Screen RakeMax®

Huber Technology Waste Water Systems

Reliable, sturdy travelling screen

  • Very high screenings discharge capacity
  • Low headloss
  • Low installation height above ground level even in deep channels
  • Control-independent safety system

The RakeMax® Screen is perfectly suited to both municipal and industrial wastewater and process water screening. The cleaning elements, attached to the chain system, can easily be adjusted to suit different requirements.

These elements can be conventional rakes, or brushes, or plastic wipers. As the cleaning elements are changeable, the screenings discharge capacity is then adjustable. This is especially favourable for high solids loads.

The installation height of the RakeMax® above ground level is very small and only dependent, even in case of deep channels, on the installation height of screenings transport or washing units.

Both ends of the cleaning elements are connected to drive chains. Each chain is driven by a sprocket on a common shaft and a flange mounted gear motor. Furthermore, defined meshing of the cleaning rakes with the bar rack ensures a high operating reliability. If the screen operation is blocked, a mechanical overload protection interrupts the operation.

The option RakeMax®-J offers additional extra high hydraulic throughput capacity and the advantage of screenings removal from the bar rack starting straight at the channel bottom, in addition to all the well known benefits of the proven RakeMax®, i.e. reliable solids separation and high screenings discharge capacity.