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HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant RoFAS

Wash drum for efficient and reliable coarse material separation for septic sludge

Rotating high-performance screening drum for extreme applications.

Reliable, clog-free solids transport through forced guided material transport within the drum.

Solids washing and dewatering by means of a subsequent HUBER Screenings Wash Press, type WAP®.

  • High solids throughput
  • Optional simultaneous emptying of several vehicles
  • Minimum wear
  • Two-dimensional screening

While wash water is added to pre-wash and homogenise the raw material within the HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant, the perforated plate of the wash drum retains all particles > 10 mm, which are dewatered and then discharged into a skip. Since only coarse material > 10 mm is separated, the volume of the resultant residues is vastly reduced with virtually the complete mineral material being further treated in the down-stream HUBER Coanda Grit Washer RoSF4. The resultant coarse material can then be further separated into a mineral and organic fraction by means of a coarse material washer.