Inline Polymer Systems

The inline polymer system is designed to be used with liquid polymer for the continuous delivery of a blended dilute polymer solution. The polymer pump used in the MixCat system is a peristaltic type pump, which is relatively trouble free. This pump will pass polymer “fisheyes” that would plug up a diaphragm type metering pump, a typical problem with these kinds of pumps.

The pump is simple to maintain with only the peristaltic tube requiring periodic replacement. A check valve is installed in the discharge line of the system to prevent fluid from backing up into the MixCat when the system is shut down.

The calibration tube allows the operator to determine the flow of neat polymer at various pump settings. These figures along with the flow rate of water (which is displayed on the water rotameters – adding both incoming and post dilution flows) will assist the operator in making up polymer solutions of varying strengths.


  • Belt press
  • Centrifuge
  • Dewatering containers
  • Filter presses
  • Clarifiers
  • Screw presses
  • Fan filters
  • Other sludge flocculation applications

  • In-line type Polymer mixing system utilizes city water pressure to activate and deliver dilute polymer
  • System utilizes the ParkProcess proprietary VortaBlend static mixing device to mix neat polymer with water
  • A peristaltic type metering pump is standard, but optional pumps are available (progressive cavity or diaphragm)
  • Includes a pressure switch for turning off the polymer pump in case of loss of water pressure
  • Includes a rotameter for measuring incoming water flow
  • Post dilution water assembly is an available option
  • System is wired for 110v/single phase/60 Hz power
  • All components mounted on a compact powder coated steel stand


MixCat Flyer