Screw Press SP Series


Maintenance is a Breeze

With four divided screens, the Centrisys SP20 is simple to operate, maintain and clean. The four screen baskets and horizontal design allow for most maintenance to be completed without removing the screw shaft. There is no need to pull the auger out; simply open the maintenance cover to clean.

The SP20 combines a longer screen design and dual filtrate zones to create dryer cake solids, cleaner centrate and maximum water drainage. Two filtrate zones allow for the separate collection of clean and dirty centrate. The longer screen design increases retention time by using the entire length of the screw for dewatering.

The SP20 has two moving screw sprayer systems, located in each filtrate zone. Because each sprayer system can be controlled separately, water consumption is reduced. A Pneumatic regulator adjustment in the pressure cone discharge increases the time under pressure leading to a higher discharge and maximum dry cake solids.