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Next Generation Treatment. Today.

BlueInGreen technology utilizes a pressurized process to rapidly and efficiently dissolve oxygen in a side stream, offering multiple benefits in a host of municipal, industrial and ecological water treatment applications. Winner of the WEF Innovative Technology Award, BIG Oxygenation is the solution that started it all.

 Applications Include:

  • Biological Treatment
  • Aerobic Digestion
  • Effluent Reaeration
  • Environmental

Adaptable Oxygenation

Treat your water your way. BlueinGreen offers customized aeration solutions – from in-pipe reaeration to lake and lagoon depths to activated sludge and aerobic digestion – capable of instantaneously increasing dissolved oxygen when and where you want it. 

Complete Solution

With BIG, you get it all. Our fully integrated and skid-mounted units include pump/motor, VFD, control panel with PLC and HMI, multiple operation modes and all associated piping, valves and instrumentation.