Fiberglass Backward Curved Utility Set

The Series 41U Backward-Curved Centrifugal Fan offers non-overloading horsepower characteristics, high efficiency, low noise and economy for most applications where corrosive elements exist in fume and vapor form. It is available only in single width, single inlet (SWSI).

The unit features a type FA, high-efficiency, solid fiberglass wheel built in one piece using a resin transfer molding. This process ensures repeatability and provides sealed, stronger joints. The tapered inlet side and airfoil design efficiently moves large volumes of air at high pressures. The wheel has a non-overloading horsepower characteristic curve.

Standard sizes are 12, 18 and 24″. Fans are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation in all eight discharge positions, with rotatable housing.

Designed for quiet operation, the Series 41U is AMCA-certified for sound and air performance.

Additional Series 41U features:

  • FRP construction
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 200°F
  • Exclusive one-piece, high-efficiency, solid fiberglass wheel
  • Motor out of airstream
  • Oversized oil-, heat- and static-resistant V-belts for continuous duty
  • Straight inlet and outlet connections for easy “slip-fit” connection to ducting
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


Size: 12″ – 24″

Material Type: Fiberglass

Pressure Range:  0-1.5″ s.p. 1.5-3″ s.p. 3-8″ s.p.

Type: Centrifugal

ABS Certified: Yes

AMCA Certified: Yes

Market Applications

Chemical, Energy, Food Processing, Heavy Industry, Pulp and Paper, Water and Wastewater