Sewer Systems – Homeowners

If you are connecting to the municipal sewer system or have a home (or home site) that is located below grade, we can help. Learn the benefits of ALL-TERRAIN SEWER® system for long-term reliability vs septic tanks.

About Your E/One Grinder Pump

A pressure sewer system consists of small-diameter pipes and E/One grinder pumps, allowing wastewater to be pumped uphill, across flat land, or even to the other side of the road to the sewer main. This is different from a gravity sewer system, where all pipes slope downhill, often to a large lift station, then to the wastewater treatment plant.

The grinder pump is installed at your home (either in the basement or in the yard), grinds up wastewater and pumps it to treatment or a sewer main. E/One Sewer systems offer lower costs, less disruption to the landscape, greater reliability and protection for the environment.

What Does the Grinder Pump Look Like in my Yard?

The grinder pump station has a green lid that is visible. Here is how a properly installed grinder pump station should look:

Case Study: Septic Tank Replacement Project

Homeowners in Rincon Point, California, replaced their failing septic tanks with ALL-TERRAIN SEWER pressure sewer systems from E/One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a grinder pump be installed for just one home, or does the entire neighborhood have to have grinder pumps?
A: If you can pump to a sewer main or treatment, a grinder pump can be installed at one home. This is particularly attractive if your home is “below grade” (lower than the sewer main) or on the other side of the street from the sewer main.

Q: How do I know if my grinder pump is working? How do I know if my grinder pump has stopped working?
A: E/One grinder pumps come with an alarm panel. If your grinder pump is working properly, you shouldn’t notice it at all — the pump will turn on as needed and pump down the tank; its noise level is similar to that of a washing machine. The pump should turn off after a few minutes. If your pump stops working, the alarm panel’s red light will blink and a buzzer will sound. If the alarm doesn’t turn off after a few minutes, you should contact us for service. Also look on your panel box for our Service Link phone number.

Q: Am I limited to what I can put down the drain?
A: The grinder pump will handle all typical household waste. However, you should not allow strong chemicals, oils, diapers, plastics, etc. to enter the grinder pump or any sewer system. View the grinder pump Owners Guide for more helpful information.