Sewer Systems – Municipalities

Septic to sewer conversion programs? Excessive I&I into your gravity sewer system? Concerns about life cycle costs? With 50 years of experience and eco-innovations, E/One has designed intelligent sewer systems that work on a truly massive scale.

Communities around the world have used E/One Sewer systems — whether they are replacing septic tanks, upgrading existing pressure sewer systems, or as an alternative to gravity sewer systems. The ALL-TERRAIN SEWER pressure sewer system from E/One offers a cost-effective alternative to gravity sewer systems because pressure force mains follow the contour of the land and need only to be installed just below the frost line, making it ideal for terrain that is flat, wet, rocky or hilly.

Pressure Sewer Systems vs. Gravity Sewer Systems

Gravity sewer systems are the “original” central sewers, with origins in the Roman aqueducts. They must be accurately bedded along a continuous downward grade and often involve very deep trenches — 20 feet or more — and large, costly lift stations. Installation and operating costs have become so exorbitant that pressure sewer has become the go-to sewer system of choice for many municipalities.

FUD Knox Country, Tennessee, discuss their E/One and ALL-TERRAIN SEWER experience.
Above, transforming 114 miles of Australian coastline with the ALL-TERRAIN SEWER system.

Benefits of E/One grinder pumps

  • Safe – protects water quality and enhances quality of life
  • Reduces cost of housing, both initial and ongoing
  • Does not disrupt the beauty of the landscape or damage already-built structures
  • No preventive maintenance required of homeowner
  • Central sewers increase the value of homes

Upgrade Grinder Pumps in a Pressure Sewer System

If your community already has a pressure sewer system and needs to replace failing centrifugal grinder pumps, E/One has a solution. E/One’s Upgrade pump was designed specifically for existing grinder pump sewer systems. The pump is engineered to fit into virtually any other wet well tank, allowing for easy drop-in installation.