SORB Inorganic Removal Solutions


With over two decades of demonstrated effectiveness, SORB™ adsorption and contaminant removal systems help solve environmental, regulatory, and public health water treatment challenges and are best available technology (BAT) for many contaminants of concern.

De Nora offers a range of proven and effective solutions for the removal of inorganic contaminants from water and wastewater.  Each product is backed by De Nora process expertise and global experience in resolving difficult to treat applications

SORB 33® uses a non-regenerable, selective iron oxide media for removal of arsenic.  The media is easy to dispose of as non-hazardous waste and provides worry free arsenic levels, often for years of operation per charge.

Omni-SORB™ systems are also capable of simultaneous removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, and hydrogen sulfide.  Special catalytic media allows for quicker filtration rates and smaller equipment designs.

SORB 07™ treats nitrate from surface or groundwater sources to meet the EPA MCL of 10 ppm N using a nitrate selective ion exchange resin process.  The media is brine regenerable for long media life, and a variety of design considerations can be evaluated to minimize treatment costs and waste volumes. 

SORB 09™ is a regenerable activated alumina process that can be used for treating naturally high levels of fluoride. Typically a complex process, the SORB 09 product simplifies operation with automated operation and controls.

Why SORB™?

  • Proven technology for many contaminants of concern 
  • Effective solutions for environmental, regulatory, and public health water treatment challenges
  • 20+ years of demonstrated effectiveness, and 100,000+ gpm cumulative capacity installed
  • Complete equipment and process design, from pilot to full-scale

Pre-treatment and re-use strategies focus on cost efficiency and ease of operation