The Big Tipper

Stand Mounted Box

Stand Mounted Box

Large dewatering containers are typically made into the form of roll-off boxes and taken to the landfill for disposal. Transporting of the dewatering container to and from the landfill can quite often take a long time, rendering it unusable for the purpose for which it was built – Dewatering.   With the BigTipper system, the dewatering container remains in place available for use and protected from the hazards that are inherent in the disposal trips to the landfill. 

The dewatering container functions normally in the horizontal position receiving waste. Solids and liquids separate in the container, the liquid phase exits via discharge ports and the solids form a dewatered “cake”. When the dewatering process is complete, it is time to empty the container.

The self-dumping dewatering container is emptied by actuating a hydraulic cylinder that tips the container. The operator releases the rear door locks by using a handheld or panel mounted “lock/unlock” switch. The operator then energizes the “up” switch which raises the back end of the container while the fixed front end pivots on a hinge point dumping the accumulated cake. The down switch brings the container back to the horizontal position, and the lock function closes the door and seats it against the gasket, preventing leakage. 


  • Bio-solids dewatering
  • Grease trap waste
  • Septic tank sludge
  • Alum sludge
  • Grit/Sand separation
  • Vac truck waste
  • Many other sludges & slurries

  • Stand mounted & hydraulically operated
  • Equipped with OSHA standard walkways, handrails and stairs
  • Available in cubic yard and height capacities to accommodate the customer’s requirements
  • Controlled and operated by electric over hydraulic power units-available in 110v/220v single phase on smaller models and 230v/460v three phase on any model
  • Sized to match the dewatering container capacity and the hydraulic cylinder used to dump it
  • Can dump into a bermed-in concrete pad, standard water tight roll-off container, dump truck, a drying bed, a conveyor or an auger fed progressive cavity pump


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