Mixing Device

Mixing Device

The VortaSpin mixing device has a uniquely designed nozzle plate that creates multiple spinning fluid “slabs”. These slabs inter-react with internal baffles in the downstream mixing chamber. The result is a thoroughly blended mixture of the main fluid with any other liquid chemical or chemical powder that has been introduced upstream. This mixing action can be accomplished with a relatively low pressure drop across the nozzle plate, with most applications requiring a 5-10 psi drop.

The VortaSpin is available in a variety of materials of construction for compatibility with varying process fluids. The standard unit’s main body is made of carbon steel with a UHMW Polyethylene nozzle plate. Different grades of stainless steel for the main body and other types of materials for the nozzle plates are available options.


  • Chemical blending
  • Slurry wall mixing
  • Dispersion of solids into liquid stream
  • Drilling mud shearing
  • Dye blending

  • Removable nozzle plates made of a chemical and abrasion resistant material
  • Proprietary mixing nozzles that produce intense mixing action downstream
  • Carbon steel powder coated mixing chamber
  • Sizes available from 2” mixing chamber to 12” with feed pipes sizes from 1” to 6”
  • Can be installed on same skid with the ParkProcess VenturiVac or MixCat to make a complete dry chemical blending system