Submersible Lift Station


Submersible Lift Station
SERIES SLS1 Submersible Lift Station


Waste Water

The Series SLS1 package stations are designed to handle raw sewage and other waste water entering a wet well from gravity-fed pipelines. The Series SLS1 is perfect for applications in which waste water must be transported down the line to a waste water treatment facility or at intermediate points where waste water must be moved to a higher elevation. Typical arrangements include two non-clog submersible sewage pumps mounted on guide rails which respond to controls based on water level inside the wet well.


Proven Performance โ€“ Efficient designs coupled with high quality components have been proven in the field at hundreds of installations across the southeast

Operator Friendly โ€“ For service, pumps are easily removed through wet well hatches using lifting equipment

Low Visual Impact โ€“ Station is completely undergound except for access hatch and control panel.


The SLS1 Series pre-engineered waste water lift station is designed to move raw waste water to a higher elevation for transport via gravity pipelines to a treatment facility. In automatic mode, controls respond to a call to run from float switch sources. An alternator selects a lead pump to run. If required, a second or lag pump can be activated. Any pump can be taken off-line for service while other pumps continue to respond to demands for water.


  • Heavy-duty continuous use submersible sewage pumps
  • Isolation valves for each pump
  • Check valves on discharge line for each pump
  • Float switches
  • High water level alarm
  • U.L. listed 508 control panels
  • Fiberglass basin with aluminum access hatch, stainless steel guiderail system, float brackets, and lifting cables
  • Fail-safe circuitry lets the second pump energize and take over the duty cycle if the first pump called to service fails due to overload
  • Complete O&M manuals guide users through troubleshooting, servicing and spare/replacement parts selection


  • Solids handling or grinder pumps available
  • PVC, stainless steel, or ductile iron piping
  • `

  • Aluminum or painted steel access hatches


SLS1 Basin 1
Standard Fiberglass Basin with Access Hatch

Basin Prepared for Shipping to Installation Site
Basin Prepared for Shipping to Installation Site