Self-Priming Lift Station


Self-Priming Lift Station

Waste Water

The SP1 Series Self-priming waste water lift station is designed for use with any application which requires solids-handling waste water pumping.


Proven Performance – Efficient designs coupled with high quality components have been proven in the field at hundreds of installations across the southeast

Operator Friendly – The pump mounting and piping arrangements are designed for ease of operation and maintenance, employing backpull-out construction. All pumps, valves, controls, and electrical connections are above-ground

Easy Installation – Systems can be operational the day they are delivered, minimizing installation costs


The SP Series pre-engineered waste water lift station is designed to provide reliable pump performance with all equipment above-ground. Pumps respond to wet well level with automatic alteration and lead/lag sequencing.


  • Heavy, continuous duty pumps and motors
  • Heavy-duty V-belt drives with coupling guards
  • Gate or plug valves for each pump
  • Ball check or swing check valves for each pump
  • High water level alarm
  • U.L. listed 508 control panels meet NEMA 4 and NEMA 1
  • Highest quality electrical components: motor-rated, molded case circuit breakers, individual pump starters and overload relays, mechanical alternator, operator adjustable timer relays, all in-one integrated control panel
  • Hand-Off-Automatic selector switches, run lights, and elapsed time meters for each pump
  • Lightning/surge arrestor and phase failure relay
  • Four-float switch system for lead/lag pump operation
  • Complete O&M manuals guide users through troubleshooting, servicing and spare/replacement parts selection


  • Soft start or variable speed controls allow operators to meet specific performance and power utility requirements
  • Integral magnetic flow meter allows easy reading and avoids the expense of a separate meter installation
  • Quick connect couplings for by-pass pumping
  • Transducer type level control


Standard enclosures are 8′-6″ x 5′-6″ x 4′-6″ high fiberglass with doors or removable panels on all sides.

Enclosures include a pre-installed lighting, heating, and ventillation package.


Standard Fiberglass Enclosure Prior to Installation
View of Interior