Underground Vertical In-Lin


Underground Vertical In-Lin

All Heads and Flows

The Series UG package stations are the perfect solution for applications where an above-ground unit is undesirable. The Series UG is designed for use in residential, commercial, or natural areas such as parks where a low visual impact is required, or where an above-ground unit would present clearance or safety issues.


Proven Performance – Completely prewired and tested to assure smooth startup

Operator Friendly – For service, motors are easily removed through roof hatches using lifting equipment. No disassembly of the pump liquid end is required, and no realignment is required

Low Visual Impact – Station is completely undergound except for access hatch.

Efficient use of above-ground space


The UG Series pre-engineered booster pumping station is designed to move water to storage facilities at higher elevations or for constant pressure applications. Duplex stations are standard, but stations with three or more pumps are also available. In automatic mode, controls respond to a call to run from telemetry, radio, or pressure switch sources. An alternator selects a lead pump to run. If required, a second or lag pump can be activated. Any pump can be taken off-line for service while other pumps continue to respond to demands for water.


  • Heavy, continuous duty pumps and motors
  • Suction and discharge isolation lug pattern butterfly valves for each pump
  • Wafer style check valves with stainless steel disc and spring for each pump
  • Stainless steel cased pressure gauges on suction and discharge
  • Low suction pressure switch and associated circuitry protect against a loss of suction
  • U.L. listed 508 control panels meet NEMA 4 and NEMA 12
  • Highest quality electrical components: motor-rated molded case circuit breakers, individual pump starters and overload relays, mechanical alternator, operator adjustable timer relays, all in one integrated control panel
  • Hand-off-automatic selector switches, run lights, and elapsed time meters for each pump
  • Lightning/surge arrestor and phase failure relay.
  • Fail-safe circuitry lets the second pump energize and take over the duty cycle if the first pump called to service fails due to overload
  • Complete O&M manuals guide users through troubleshooting, servicing and spare/replacement parts selection


  • Programmable controller with full feature software (standard on some systems, available on all) includes many extra features and allows easy add-ons for others
  • Part-winding start, soft start, and variable speed drives to meet power utility and system performance requirements
  • Booster pump control valve function added to discharge butterfly valves prevents starting and stopping surges. All stainless steel construction and positive speed control provide superior dependability and performance
  • Integral flow meter and strainer (with transmitter option) allows easy reading and avoids the expense of a separate meter installation


Enclosures are designed to maximize equipment lifetime by protecting the station components from the unique conditions involved with underground installations. Enclosures are also designed to maximize operator ease of use within a minimal space.

The Series UG enclosure includes:

  • 1/4” steel shell with white epoxy interior and black coal tar epoxy exterior
  • Aluminum gasket and lockable access hatch
  • Sacrificial anodes to inhibit corrosion
  • De-humidification
  • Exhaust blower and fresh air intake
  • Sump pumps
  • Fluorescent lighting